We extensive knowledge and experience in managing crowds in general, and for the Hajj and Umrah system in particular, which is considered the largest and most complex, using the latest technologies and modern methodologies related to crowd management:

Real-time crowd counting
Crowd behavior detection
crowd simulation
Forecast and response modeling
Modeling innovation in artificial intelligence for crowd management

Monitoring and analyzing crowds with AI techniques

Counting crowds

A model was built using machine learning technology to divide the images into small slices and then extract their characteristics and analyze them to then estimate the number of crowds, which helped in obtaining high-accuracy results

Count the crowds at the gates

crowds system has been developed, which contributes to solving the problem of obtaining high accuracy in high densities using three-dimensional (RGB-D) cameras.

Calculation of densities

Artificial intelligence techniques were used to analyze images and video clips at times of density witnessed by the Grand Mosque and the holy sites, and then create a different color coding for each area according to the actual density.

Calculation of flow rate

The flow rate was calculated to track the movement of crowds by dividing the videos into segments of equal length and duration, and then extracting information related to the movement of the crowds through the paths through which the flow rate is calculated.

Our success stories

We are proud in the vision of the experts that we have presented major national projects to many government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has earned the company great confidence among its customers. We are keen to be the first destination when customers are looking for a partner they trust.

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