Digital transformation is one of the most important pillars of achieving the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The vision aims to make Saudi Arabia a leading global destination in the digital economy, enhance the use of technology in all fields, and improve the quality of life for citizens and residents. The importance of planning for digital transformation is highlighted here, as it is the basis for starting the digital transformation process according to a clear strategy that supports the general directions of government and private entities and achieves alignment with the Kingdom’s targets. Our consulting team is interested in studying and analyzing the current situation of the targeted entities, and then setting strategic goals and formulating the digital vision and mission according to the latest global methodologies and based on standard studies and comparisons with distinguished reference models in the field of digital transformation, leading to the development of performance indicators, executive plans, performance indicators, and implementation and monitoring models

Strategic planning and transformation

Building digital transformation strategies

The process of building digital transformation strategies includes a set of stages that aim to define the digital transformation goals that achieve the targets of entities and organizations in the business sector to which they belong. These stages include, for example, analyzing the current situation and conducting studies of reference models in sectors similar to the sector to which the target entity belongs. Then, work on developing the vision and mission for the digital transformation process, developing strategic objectives and performance indicators, so that this process can proceed with confident steps in accordance with the best global methodologies, up to the development of executive plans, monitoring mechanisms, and governance, reaching a leading digital organization in its field and inspiring others

Develop roadmap and transformation initiatives

Our consulting team offers its extensive experience in the field of Digital Transformation , and achieve many successes with a large group of government entities in various sectors. The team works to identify the most important gaps that the government entity must focus on, and develop a clear roadmap to achieve the requirements of the Digital Government Authority. The team includes a distinguished group of consultants and experts in various fields of Digital Transformation

Designing emerging technology solutions

Designing and developing new and innovative technological solutions to meet the needs of the entity. This includes analyzing current gaps, identifying new opportunities for design and development, and identifying the most important tools or technological solutions to solve, close, and develop services. Designing solutions for emerging technologies relies on innovation, creativity, and thinking, and requires a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, engineers, consultants, and others

Establishing a digital transformation department

One of the most important consulting services that our consulting team excels in is the development of organizational structures for the digital transformation sector and the information technology sector. We do this by analyzing the requirements of the target organization, identifying the current situation, and determining the most important gaps and areas of need. We then work to develop organizational structures that are tailored to the organization, its services, and its work. We do this by studying the most important reference models and global standards in this field, leading to the development of detailed structures, job descriptions, and operational models for the various departments in these sectors, such as change management departments, governance committees, information technology departments, and solution development departments. We also work to identify strategic, operational, and operational performance indicators that are in line with the nature of the organization under study

Managing change and developing digital transformation capabilities

Change management and increasing awareness of digital transformation are two of the most important factors that help to ensure the success of digital transformation in government agencies. Our consulting team works professionally to identify the most important weaknesses of the targeted agencies and develop programs to increase awareness and manage change in these agencies. We also build the capabilities of those who can manage this process and achieve the desired results. We do this by developing the organizational structures and operational models for change management teams and building programs that can increase awareness and knowledge among the staff working in these agencies. We have achieved outstanding success in this field with these agencies

Our success stories

We are proud in Expert Vision that we have provided major national projects to many government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has earned the company great confidence among its customers, we are keen to be the first destination when customers are looking for a partner they trust

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