We offer an integrated set of capabilities in governance, risk, and compliance, empowering the organization to achieve its objectives reliably and navigate the uncertainties in policy compliance and relevant legislation. The governance, risk, and compliance approach integrate these three elements to establish a unified strategy that assists organizations in operating more efficiently, making better-informed decisions, and adapting to changes in the business environment

Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC


We define the governance of digital transformation and information technology as a vital process that enables IT and digital transformation leaders to implement policies and strategies efficiently for the benefit of the organization. This involves building the appropriate organizational structure, defining roles and responsibilities, and developing capabilities supportive of digital transformation. We construct the governance framework in collaboration with executive leadership to ensure effective IT performance, adopting global frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT to support the success of IT projects and investments

Business continuity and ISO22301

We offer an integrated process that assists the organization in building and managing a business continuity system, enhancing digital transformation. Our approach focuses on addressing current and future challenges related to information technology and digital transformation, with a specific emphasis on compliance with ISO 22301 standards. This strategic approach contributes to establishing a robust framework for business continuity, facilitating a secure and smooth digital transformation journey for the organization

Risk Management

We develop a detailed processes to assist the organization in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks, enhancing digital transformation. Our approach encompasses addressing current and future technological risks within the digital transformation and information technology sector, with a specific focus on organizational risk management. This contributes to building a comprehensive risk management strategy, supporting the secure and robust advancement of the organization’s digital transformation journey.

Compliance management

In compliance management, we assist the organization in adhering to all policies, controls, and standards related to digital transformation and information technology issued by (the Digital Government Authority, the National Cybersecurity Authority, the National Data Management Office), ensuring the enhancement of the effectiveness of the digital transformation journey in alignment with all national legislations.

Our success stories

We are proud in Expert Vision that we have provided major national projects to many government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has earned the company great confidence among its customers, we are keen to be the first destination when customers are looking for a partner they trust

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