Dr. Basim Zafar, CEO of Experts Vision Consulting, was honored with the Global Blockchain Visionary Award by Mr. Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of BSV Blockchain Organization, for his contributions to developing an innovative vision of the global blockchain and investing his knowledge and expertise in emerging technologies while enabling the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs during the Global Blockchain Conference in Dubai from 24 to 26 May, 2022.

More than 700 experts and participants from all over the world participated in the conference; To discuss how blockchain technology will change the world,

in addition to launching several new innovative products during the conference.

Dr. Basim Zafar was also selected as a member of the BSV Blockchain Global Advisory Board, which includes global experts for the development of blockchain technology

For his part, Dr. Basim Zafar expressed his interest while speaking on the podium at the BSV Global Blockchain Conference on Innovative Applications of Blockchain that focus on investing in the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, saying :

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a global magnet for technology, as it is characterized by leadership in the field of emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology and other technologies, as the Blockchain technology needs many creators behind it; Innovators are constantly thinking of solutions to the problems they face and others, and their study of emerging technologies such as the blockchain and their use helps them chart a better path for the future. Therefore, our role lies in supporting and enabling the new generation in the Kingdom to acquire and develop technology and immediately begin developing innovative solutions that will change the world

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